-A Good Old Fashion Barbershop

Address: 1844 Tice Valley Blvd, Walnut Creek CA, 94595 (move out sep. 2nd)

New shop: 1212 Boulevard Way Walnut Creek CA, 94595 

Barbershop #: 510-439-7303

Manicurist  #: 925-330-6614

  Email: EmanuelOrnelas.scspg20@gmail.com


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us 



         If you would like to guarantee your spot. You can schedule using the form below or you can call us. Due to the nature of the barbershop busy walk-in. I do have a  7min wait time. If you cannot make the time please let me know so I can continue servicing other customers. 

In the message section - please remember to add the date and time you want to schedule an appointment.

In the Subject Section - please add the service you would like to obtain. *example* "Nail service" or "Barber Service"

*April Barber Position 2017*

we have positions for work in Pinole ca, and Walnut Creek 

We are looking for another barber for the barbershop. If you are interested please use the contact form below. Type in "Barber Position"  in the subject field and write a brief discription of work experience and some photos of your work.please use the message section. we look foward to hearing from you.

This is a part time Position that will lead to a full-time position when clienele is achieved

i am also willing to show some techniques in Fading, Shear work ect. 


* 1 years of experience

* Be able to show me good sanitary habits 

* Must have good morals and work ethic. 

*If you just graduated from a Baber college or Cosmo you still qualify but will be tested for quality of service*

Please fill out All subject fields. We will email or call you to confirm your appointment