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Services with the (*) require Scheduled Appointments


Depending on the complexity of the haircut; Different additions will be added to Basic Haircut

Military discount, Men Aged 55+
Step 1 start with basic:

Basic Haircuts - $17 
Trim on Top
Square/ Rounded back 
One length around Sides or All Aroun

Kids 14 & under- $15 
Please bring kids prior to appointment so they can feel comfortable   
any variation of cuts

Step 2 do you want a fade?

Regular Fade + $5
Any length blend around the side transitioning to the Crown.
Guard’s #000-#8 

Bald Fade + $8
Any Fade starting from SKIN to desired length to top of the Crown.
Guards: Skin-#8

Step 3 want more variation?

Regular Taper + $2
Gradual blend from the temple or nape to desired length on sides. Definite shape to sideburns
Guard’s #000-#8 

Bald Taper + $3
Fade from Skin to desired length from temple or nape to sides. No definite shape to side burns
Guards: Skin - #8

Step 4 Spruce it up

Razor Line Up + $3 
Haircut looks great? Define the lines from the forehead to the nape! Take the haircut to the next level then talk to us about sharp. You'll be glad you did
Straight Razor

*Razor Shave = $17 
Straight razor to the face! In a glorious- Hot towel, latest skin care product, richly relaxing. State of awe, too good to be true fashion!
Straight Razor 

Machine Shave = $12 
"Look, I get it. I need a shave. I'll go to the barber to get a quick shave."
- Guy who knows what he wants 
No frills here. One quick swipe of our trimmer brings the beard to its stubbly knees. One more pass with the Professional balder’s and your mother feels like they've seen their 10 year old kid again. Good times. 
Trimmers, Shavers

*Facial = $17 
This manly facial is nothing short of a bucket list cross off experience. Nothing funny here in this HIGHLY stress reducing, Vigor Inducing, Freshly Scented, Gel scrubbing, all the filth removed from Thy Face, Massage! Followed with the works!  
Hot Towels, Cleanser, Anti- Aging Massage Cream 
(sounds great on paper not that you'll need it *wink*) 

Specials *

*Good Old Fashion Service - $ 55
Haircut of choice! Straight to the Facial to relax those good old Nerves and open up those pores from the massage and the towels. Finish off with a shave for one of the greatest examples of the great age of barbering.  Do you feel Cultured yet?...you will 

Nail Service

Manicures - $15
Basic manicure add polish, add color. Bam! Definition of existence.

Pedicures - $25
Cleansing of the feet, hot towel, and foot massage. Royalty couldn’t get a better service! 

Gel Nails - $20** - $25
**First time client  
After Manicure ask for gel. Receive Gel to the Nails. Look at yourself. Perfection. 
Did you know Gels came in different colors? Oh snap!
Contact ahead of time to make sure your desired color is available. We don’t have the color? Let the nail technician know and she would be able to acquire it before or after your appointment, how can you lose!!